If your computer hard drive fails, becomes corrupt or stops working then this can be a difficult situation to resolve on your own.

Help is at hand in Ibiza with our data recovery and backup service. Here are some of the ways we can help you:

Internal computer hard drive recovery / replacement in Ibiza

We can extract the data from your computer hard drive, replace your computer with a new drive and put your data back on so you have a fully functioning machine again.

External hard drive recovery in Ibiza

If your external hard drive becomes corrupt, stops work then we can also recovery the data from here and place on a new external hard drive for you.

Mac / OSX issues & repair in Ibiza

We can diagnose and resolve many Mac based issues. Please get in touch in order to book a diagnostic session with us.

Contact us about hard drive recovery & repair in Ibiza

Please get in touch with us via the email address below or you can telephone and speak to someone who can help you.