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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

If it now extremely important for  websites / brands and business to have a strong presence on the internet and search engines. We provide a fully managed solution to take care of this for you. We will assess your website and plan out a strategy using best practices to influence your rankings in the search engines with a view to reaching the top positions. No one can promise the Number 1 spot but that is what we will aim for.

We provide accountability for our SEO – Analytics and monthly reports to show the positive effect our methods are having on your website.

Social Media Management

WTFI will take care of your social networks and provide you with accountability on the growth of your business social networks. Primarily most people have twitter, facebook, google+ or linkedin and these mediums are extremely lucrative in driving business to you. We will build your networks in a slow and organic way using only best practice methods and white hat techniques. This means you will not be penalised or banned for any misuse of the networks or methods.

We provide full analytics and strategy / advice on month by month on your networks.

Online Advertising / PPC

If you want to delve into the world of online advertising / ppc – we can provide you with a full plan of action, budgets and phrases which will maximise your return on investment. We will also help plan your objectives so and analytics so you can monitor all your activity. A monthly budget / plan review will be required to ensure you’re on the right path.

Online Newsletters

Keep you customers and clients up to date with your business with a HTML newsletter. Designed like a web page – it contains newsworthy items to promote your business and direct people to products or your website.

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