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WTFI can provide experienced camera men and top of the range HD cameras to film any event no matter how big or small. Our camera men are well versed in all filming techniques and styles, and can capture all the required footage needed for your project.

WTFI have produced videos all around the world for corporate companies, music artists, DJs, events, activity days and more. The end result is only limited by your imagination and our creative flare.


Filming / Video


Types of filming work

Club filming

WTFI are extremely well versed and experiencing in the club environment. We have worked in Ibiza for the biggest clubs, DJs and promoters to provide amazing footage for all uses.

DJ Filming

WTFI have filmed for all the top DJs over the past 7 years. We have produced footage , videos and promotional items for them. We film all over the UK and Ibiza.

Corporate Filming

WTFI also film for corporate clients capturing event days, product launches and product placements. Our creative flair from the music industry seamlessly comes across in our corporate work.


We can also capture your special day. Our service is flexible and can be built according to your requirements. We typically use 2 cameraman and can also edit / produce your wedding video too.

Interviews / Vox pops

WTFI are well versed in filming of interviews / multi cam interviews and vox pops both in clubs / events / out and about.

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Like what you see?...